“A rose grows among thorns.

Easy to forget, since the rose is cleaned up before it’s set in a vase.” (01/01/2016)

During the summer of 2015, I was exposed to Spoken Word for the first time. I instantly fell in love with the concept of the art.  I wrote two initial pieces: Lost in a Sea of Words, and another which remains untitled.  I recorded the former, and shared it with Kate.  From there, a plan developed for me to write a piece for the Cherished benefit.

With this opportunity, there is much I want to say. Everything the enemy has used against me, I see that God wants to shine light on. The enemy has no power; it is all a lie.  He tries to make us believe we need anything but God to fulfill us, that we are worth only as much as we are appraised by others, that we’ve gone too far to turn back now… But through the grace of God we overcome.  In overcoming, we become conquerors. Warriors. What the enemy used against us, with God, is used against the enemy.