What does a real man look like?  Culture would have us believe he looks like an advertisement 

in a magazine or the hunk in the movie, but it’s not about the muscles, the toughness, the 

money or all the other stuff we are fed on a daily basis.  Please don’t believe these lies.  Let’s 

talk about the DNA of a real man.  

A real man is respectful.  He doesn’t talk poorly about other people.  

A real man is not the guy who hangs with the boys at the bars or clubs – a player if you will – 

leading women on.  

A real man knows how to honor others, especially if he is married.  That honor includes how he 

treats his wife, along with his friends.

A real man works hard.  He doesn’t slack.  He provides for his family.

A real man is pure.  He doesn’t take advantage of women, doesn’t lead them on, and keeps his 

relationships pure.  

A real man leads his home well.  He doesn’t fly off the handle in an argument and doesn’t allow 

anything, especially hobbies to get in front of his marriage and family.  

A real man finds his strength in God.  He is a godly man.  He doesn’t come across as arrogant.  

He knows he has weakness, but trusts God to help him become the man God designed him to 


A real man isn’t jealous of others.  He has the ability to celebrate the successes of others.

A real man is honest and transparent.  He doesn’t do things in secret that he wouldn’t do in 

front of others.

Being a real man is not about outward appearance.  It is a heart decision to trust God and be 

right with Him, and in his relationships with others.