Craving Safety


Written by a Cherished Resident...

A volunteer here at Cherished was talking to me in the car this morning about the recent fires here in California. She informed me that 25 horses had died in the wildfire because those left in charge were unsure of what to do. Since they did not own the horses they may have felt they did not have the authority to make any decisions on the proper way to deal with them. The possibility of being sued or fired seemed to cause the stablemen to become “paralyzed by the indecision” she also shared with me the lack of leadership may have affected their inability to make a quick decision. 

     By the time the stablemen came to free the horses it was too late, the barn was on fire. They unlocked the stalls and the horses ran out only to return to the barn shortly after, and back into their stalls. The fire had surrounded them outside undoubtedly caused them so much anxiety, confusion and fear

the horses resorted to the only place they’ve always known and felt most comfortable, their “safety zone’ even though it was engulfed in flames. 

     After telling that story she pointed out to me that many people have that same type of behavior pattern. A person may be so used to their environment and life style, no matter how unhealthy or dangerous it may be. That when given the opportunity for something better or offered a safer alternative, they panic and become fearful because it is so unknown to them and they’ll return back to where they have been. Where it is comfortable and familiar, even though by doing so they are risking their lives, their safety, their well being. 

    Some may think that these horses lacked intelligence or that people who display this type of behavior pattern are stupid, but the reality is we are creatures of habit. We tend to reject the familiar and fear the unknown, so we stick to what we know… how sad this can be when all someone knows is destructive, unsafe, harmful, painful, etc.

     There are so many women (children and men) in “the life” who are desperately craving safety and security and are wanting something better than a life of bondage that the sex industry offers. Wanting freedom from it all, the life, their pimps, their abusers.…but the idea of their life and future is such an unfamiliar territory. The spirit of fear grips them causing them to return or never leave at all.  

    Church, we much show and teach those who do not know that this stronghold that binds so many can be broken and destroyed with the power of faith, hope, love and prayer, so that they can be set free, as God intended, so they may reach their full potential.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of courage. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” 

Joshua 1:9