We invite you to partner with Cherished LA as we walk alongside survivors on their journey of recovery. Our monthly partners’ investment in the program is essential for allowing Cherished LA to equip and empower survivors to live healthy and flourishing lives. Cherished LA provides outreach, mentorship, support groups, employment, and housing to women that have survived lives of sex trafficking, sex industry exploitation, addictions, and life on the streets.  We equip those who once felt desperate in their circumstances to make empowering choices and enjoy fulfilling lives.   

As a Cherished Partner, you are investing in the key components of the Cherished LA program. Here are examples of what each partnership level represents in terms of program costs:


It will take Cherished LA about $3,000 to get our handmade artisan products into stores. This partnership will allow us to develop new products, update our labeling, and become more self-sufficient as an organization.


It takes about $1,000 a month per Cherished resident to cover all of the residential program costs. This includes a rent-free room in the Cherished house, drivers to take her to essential appointments for her health and recovery, support staff to ensure that the home is a safe atmosphere and to be available for the challenges that arise in her recovery, and all of the classes and activities included in the program.


The cost to employ one Cherished resident or non-resident employee for a month is approximately $500. This is more than a job; it is a chance to change her story as she gains resume-building skills, confidence, and self-worth through employment in the Cherished LA studio.


Every other month the Cherished LA team reaches out to women actively working in the sex industry. We give each woman we meet a small gift and an invitation to our weekly support group. It takes around $100 a month to run our outreach and support group services.

Thank you very much for considering partnering with as we show survivors of human trafficking that they are loved, valued, and Cherished.



Kate Wedell



Cherished is a 501(c)(3) organization; partnership is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Partnership levels are given as examples only. All investments are used to fund the most urgent needs as determined by Cherished LA.