Cherished April 2016 Newsletter

A Letter from our Founder

Dear friends of Cherished,

The work of Cherished and the women of Cherished continue to grow at an amazing rate.

You may have noticed our new look!  As our social enterprise continues to expand, retailers recommended we update our product image. I designed our Cherished girl with hands raised for our outreaches into local clubs.  While she remains a symbol of freedom from the industry, we needed a different logo to market our organic bath and body products.

As we brainstormed, I recalled a part of my recovery from ten years of trafficking.  After leaving the industry, I found myself collecting doves and bird cages.  One day,  I flung open the cage doors and set those graceful birds free.   In my heart, I knew that I, too, had been set free.  That experience is the inspiration for Cherished’s new logo which will accompany our new spring collection.

Cherished is impacting lives in the Antelope Valley and across the nation.  In January, Trades of Hope flew me to Daytona Beach, Florida where I was privileged to share Cherished’s progress with almost 400 Compassion Entrepreneurs (CEs).  I presented awards to several CEs.  I had the opportunity to thank these CEs for their commitment to Cherished and for selling our Redeemed Necklance and New Leaf Earrings in their catalog.  With their donations, we were able to provide much-needed therapy sessions for our Cherished women.

In California, I spoke at Saddleback Church’s Anti-Human Trafficking Symposium that also featured speakers from the FBI and other anti-trafficking experts.  I also want to thank two local churches, Crosswinds Community Church and Grace Chapel, for allowing us to share our vision. 

Finally, we had a small fundraiser in April.  We anticipate something fun and creative for the fall.

Thank you for your commitment to the work and women of Cherished. 

You are loved, valued, and CHERISHED,