Kate Wedell is the founder and Executive Director of Cherished.  Kate’s inspiration for Cherished came from her own broken past.  Like many women before and after her, Kate came to Hollywood to pursue a dream, but within a few days she was forced into prostitution to survive.  She became a stripper and a drug addict.  Eventually, Kate was sex-trafficked by a man she thought was her boyfriend.

After multiple arrests and being incarcerated at Sybil Brand Women’s Correctional Facility,  she found the courage to escape the lifestyle she had been afraid to leave.  In doing so, her life was threatened by her past associations.  She was followed and tormented after she walked away from "the industry."

Those years are behind her now, but it was because Kate found the truth.  She found out that she is Cherished and loved more than she could ever imagine and created with a purpose.

A Message From Kate:

I love being able to reach out to the girls in the industry and support them in what they are going through, because I remember what that was like. If you are reading this and want to hear more, I’d love to talk to you! Take care of yourself…YOU ARE CHERISHED!
— Kate Wedell