Our Mission

Cherished LA's mission is to equip and empower women survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation to live healthy and flourishing lives, and become productive citizens in their communities.



  • We invite women survivors of human trafficking and the commercial sex industry to join us every Friday morning from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for breakfast and support group.

  • Our support groups are a safe place to talk for women who currently work in the sex industry.


  • We provide free housing through our two-year residential program (based on availability).

  • Cherished takes no government funding or money from residents in the program.

  • Residents learn how to live in a safe community, and contribute to the house by performing household chores.

  • Residents participate in a comprehensive recovery program, including group therapy, private therapy, and Celebrate Recovery.

  • We encourage all residents to complete or continue their education. When deemed appropriate, Cherished provides a schoolroom with computer access for online courses, transportation to and from school, and tutors as needed.


  • After 30 days in our residential program, residents are eligible to work in the Cherished Studio where our artisans make jewelry sold in a Fair Trade catalog on a national and international level.

  • Our artisans also handcraft all-natural bath and body products as well as soy wax candles.

  • Residents at Cherished learn skills valuable for future employment such as punctuality, teamwork, communication, perseverance, and self-motivation.

Transitional Housing

  • After graduating the two year program, residents may choose to live in the "Transition Home" and work in the Cherished Studio for an additional year while finishing school.

  • Residents in this transitional period will have more responsibilities such as paying utility bills, and managing their own schedule while continuing with therapy and classes.


  • Our trained outreach team visits local strip clubs and massage parlors. Our team distributes small gifts to the women who work there as well as invitations to our support group. For some, our Christmas outreach gifts are the only gifts they receive over the holidays.

  • Our founder, Kate, worked in strip clubs and the commercial sex industry for 10 years. Kate recalls that there were many nights she would have left "the industry" if someone had offered her a chance. By visiting these vulnerable women, we share the message that they are loved, valued, and Cherished.