Our Mission

Cherished High Desert's mission is to walk alongside women survivors of human trafficking as they go through their journey of recovery.  We equip and empower them to live healthy and flourishing lives, and to become productive citizens in their communities.



  • Our trained outreach team visits local strip clubs.  We distribute small gifts to the women who work there as well as invitations to our support group.  At our follow-up visits, these women recognize us as we approach them with our signature pink bags.  For some, our Christmas outreach gifts are the only gifts they receive at the holidays.

  • Our founder, Kate, worked in strip clubs.  Kate recalls that there were many nights she would have left "the industry" if someone had offered her a chance.  By visiting these vulnerable women, we share the message that they are loved, valued, and Cherished.


  • We invite all survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation to join us every Friday morning for our support groups.
  • Our support groups are a safe place to talk for women who currently work in the industry or have left the industry.
  • Support groups are led by overcomers of human trafficking such as our founder Kate Wedell.


  • After an initial application and screening process, we provide free housing through our two- to three-year transitional residential program based on availability.   
  • Residents learn to live in a safe community, contribute to the house by performing household chores, and meet weekly with our trained staff members.


  • After 30 days in our residential program, residents are eligible to work in the Cherished Studios. 
  • Our survivors learn skills valuable in any employee such as punctuality, teamwork, communication skills, and self-motivation.
  • Please visit our shop tab to see the quality products made by our talented survivor-artisans.