Cherished is a nonprofit organization, comprised of a residential program and social enterprise that serves survivors of commercialized sexual exploitation, human trafficking, addictions and life on the streets.


Our Mission

 Cherished’s mission is to walk alongside the women we serve as they go through their journey of recovery. We want to equip and empower them to live healthy and flourishing lives.

Evil prevails when good people do nothing.
— Edmund Burke


  • Support group for women that are currently in the industry or have been in the industry and are looking for someone, who won't judge them, to talk to.
  • Free housing through our residential program, which is a one- to two-year commitment.
  • Employment through our residential program. After a period of time of being in the residential program, the resident is eligible for employment at the Cherished Studio.
  • Once a woman is part of the residential program, she also will have the opportunity to participate in classes such as dance, art, yoga, financial classes, etc. 


  • For our outreach we visit our local clubs and hand out pink bags filled with cosmetics, jewelry, an info card, and an invitation to our support group.  
  • Through our outreach we are spreading the message that they are loved, valued, and Cherished.